Cadet Sergeant Leo Robinson Inaugurated to First Sea Lord Cadet
February 1, 2021
Students Take Part in Children’s Mental Health Week Q&A Session
February 8, 2021

As part of Children’s Mental Health Awareness week and in conjunction with Radio Merseyside, King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes asked students to consider what makes them happy during lockdown. 

With some wonderful responses from students it seems fair to say that the pupils absolutely love having their lessons and cannot thank teachers enough for ‘spending time’ with them, even if it is remotely.  Students commented on their enjoyment of lessons in general and how much they enjoy following their normal timetable.  Special mentions were made about Ms Boardman’s baking activities during enrichment which aims to develop the life skills needed to make delicious desserts in the future.

The choir has also been a popular online activity which has helped some individuals remain connected with their passion for singing.  Pupils featured were Chloe Lucas, Diyar and Paige Cole, Faye Holliday and Denise. 

Airing their responses on the radio, as part of a short positive clip from Snelly on Radio Merseyside was a lively opportunity for them to share their thoughts and emotions at the moment. Please listen to the clip, it will definitely make you smile!