Our Mission

To provide a rigorous and transformational education that prepares our pupils for success at sixth form college, university and beyond.
To develop in each of our students the academic skills, intellectual habits, qualities of character and leadership traits necessary to succeed at all levels and become a successful citizen in tomorrow’s world.

Independent Learners

who understand their strengths, abilities and interests and are capable of utilising and applying critical and creative thinking to reason through and solve complex problems.

Intellectual Habits

such as fierce concentration, thoroughness, accuracy reflection, strategic thinking and intellectual volition in all that they undertake.

Strong Characters

who develop clear established principles that, acted upon consistently, produce virtuous behaviours, compassionate acts and honest answers and decisions in facing up to life’s challenges.

Successful Citizens

who through communication and other relevant academic and social activities make a positive impact on the academy and, eventually, their community and the wider world.

Our Beliefs

 Our beliefs centre around identifying, nurturing and developing potential and hidden talent in every single one of our students. Your child, supported and guided on his or her uniquely tailored and challenging ‘flight path’ throughout school life, will become accustomed to the academy motto – ‘Credimus’, Latin for  ‘We Believe’. Our philosophy is based on the following premises:

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Values & Standards

A Values-led Education

“Values-led education is about having high expectations of our students and helping them to develop high expectations of themselves.”

At King’s Hawthornes we place great emphasis on the building of strong character traits in all of our students. We firmly believe that strength of character is the fundamental cornerstone of academic success.  We have used the word ‘ASPIRE’ as an acronym to encapsulate our values.  Each of the letters stand for one or more ‘character’ qualities that we wish to see our students develop whilst at King’s Hawthornes.