Information for Students

King’s Leadership Academy Hawthorne’s is committed to providing all students in Years 7-11 with a Careers Education Information and Guidance programme which will allow them to become a ‘successful citizen in tomorrow’s world’. The CIAG programme at Kings Leadership Academy Hawthorne’s is designed to inform, inspire and motivate our pupils. It will promote equality of opportunity, embrace diversity and challenge stereotypes. We want our pupils to have high aspirations and to understand the flight paths available to them.

Year 11 Future PathwaysTo make well-informed realistic choices for post 16 transition. To be able to link post 16 pathways to progression routes and future careers. To have an appropriate intended destination.
Year 10 The World of Work    

To gain experience of the world of work. To describe how the world of work is changing and how this might impact on students’ own careers.
Students have a least one meaningful experience of a workplace. Students explore post 16 pathways. Students can explain and evidence how employability skills are being developed and demonstrated. Students complete a mock interview with an employer. Students can describe rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Students can describe how the world of work is changing and how this might impact on future careers.
Year 9 Routes to Success  
To be able to use LMI (Labour Market Information) in career planning. To be able to describe key employability skills. To recognise the skills and qualities developed in and out of school which will make them employable.                

Students can identify key trends in local, regional, national and global labour markets. Students can identify key employment sectors in the North West Students are able to access LMI ((LABOUT MARKET INFORMATION) independently. Students assess personal strengths and focus on transferable skills. Students investigate different jobs and careers and what they mean in terms of lifestyle; work/life balance.    
Year 8 Options and Opportunities    

To prepare for GCSE options considering how these link to future careers pathways and progression routes. To explain the importance of STEM subjects and their importance to a wide range of careers. To link curriculum subjects to careers and use this knowledge to inform their GCSE option choices.  

Students have a clear action plan for their KS4 transition and beyond; considering what they might like to achieve when they leave KLAH. Students build on personal strengths and begin to link skills to specific careers enabling realistic and informed decisions at transition stages. Students can link curriculum subjects to careers. Students can explain the importance of STEM subjects to a range of careers. Students can identify and challenge stereotyping and discrimination. Students can make informed decisions to support their GCSE option choice
Year 7 Flightpaths  

To raise awareness of a wide range of careers and pathways. To identify personal traits, strengths and skills. To develop confidence and have expectations of themselves and for their futures.

Students can list a wide range of careers and pathways.   Students can identify personal traits, strengths and skills. Student can identify a range of ambitions which align with their interests and preferences. Students can explain what is meant by LMI (LABOUT MARKET INFORMATION, how it can be useful and are able to interpret basic LMI (LABOUR MARKET INFORMATION).

Information for Teachers

CEIAG embedded within Subjects

Careers embedded in subject learning strengthen relevance, diversify resources and provide real contexts for leaning.Students at Kings Leadership Academy Hawthornes experience a wealth of CEIAG delivered through the curriculum.


All staff have a Unifrog account and so can access a range of resources. In addition, the CEIAG Teams Folder on the KLAH shared drive, houses further resources and case studies. The following links support teachers in inspiring pupils within subject areas.

‘Why?’ Career Series

Why Careers Series – Information


Construction and Engineering

Fashion & Media

Mixture of other sectors

Business and IT

Health Care and Medical


Attached are a number of posters that can be displayed in classrooms.

English Apprenticeship
Geography Apprenticeship
Languages Apprenticeship
Maths Apprenticeship
Science Apprenticeship
Visit Amazing apprenticeships


Below are some great videos links that can be utilised in the classroom by helping students discover more information about the different types of career.

This website has several videos you can explore by employment sector.

This is a free online library of careers related films, news and information.

Information for Parents and Carers

The importance of being involved in your child’s career choices cannot be overstated. Setting aspirational yet achievable goals and encouraging them towards reaching them is one of the key roles of a parent or carer.

The information below will support your child on their flight path to their chosen Career. In addition, we have invested in a Career Platform called Unifrog. You may request an account for this platform and use it to support your child’s progress.

With good careers advice from parents, carers, other significant adults, teachers and Careers professionals as well as from various internet sources, your child will have a good idea of how high to fly and where they are flying to.

Labour Market Information

iCould is a careers website which uses LMI for All to provide context alongside careers videos

U-Explore provide careers guidance solutions for schools and colleges using LMI for All in Start

SACU is an online source of careers information for young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors

The links below provides information on the future for employment within the Greater Merseyside Area.

Apprenticeship Links

The four primary growth sectors within the region:

The Visitor Economy
The Knowledge Economy
The Low Carbon Economy
Super Port

To apply for local apprenticeships and find out more information on how they work please see the links below.

Local Sixth Form Colleges

Southport College
Hugh Baird College
West Lancashire College
Liverpool Community College
King George V College
Knowsley Community College

Local University Websites

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
University of Liverpool
Liverpool John Moores University
Liverpool Hope College
Edge Hill College
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
The University of Manchester
The Manchester Metropolitan University
The Student Loan Company site
University of Central Lancashire

Additional Information for Parents & Carers

Parental Guidance

Career Alchemy