Careers Team

A warm welcome to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) from the Careers Team at Kings Leadership Academy Hawthornes:

Mrs. Y. Hagan – Careers Leader

Contact Details:  emailY.Hagan@kingshawthornes.comor Tel 0151 922 3798

Mr. P. Giles –Senior Leader

Contact Details:email P.Giles@kingshawthornes.comor Tel 0151 922 3798

Mrs. A. Grant – Careers Adviser

Contact Details: email A.Grant@kingsliverpool.comor Tel 0151 922 3798

Mrs Grant is an experienced Careers Adviser who has, for several years, supported, inspired and enabled young people,at Kings Leadership Academy Hawthorne’s, to consider their career choices and next steps. Careers Guidance and Career Conversations with pupils are impartial and confidential and pupils will receive a detailed action plan to support them with their career planning. Mrs. Grant liaises closely with Career Connect who also work with small groups of our students.

Careers Champions

The following staff lead the development of CEIAG within their subject areas and are a point of contact for students, advising young people of the relevance of the curriculum in particular careers:

 Ms. M. Alexander (History)

Mrs.  M.  Fox (Design Technology)

Mrs. C. Gilson (Modern Foreign Languages)

Ms. L. Grant (Science)

Mrs. V. Hambleton (Performing Arts)

  Ms. N. Li (English)

Ms. S Miller (Physical  Education)

Ms. D.Spinks (Geography)

Ms. S Traverse (Mathematics)