Notice from Merseyside Police
March 31, 2020
Online Daily Lessons for Students
April 20, 2020

We can all practise the five ways to wellbeing to support our emotional wellbeing while we are staying safe at home. Some of our pupils have already practised this on our recent Super Learning Day.

  1. CONNECT with the people around you at home. Talk to each other or play a board game.
  2. BE ACTIVE Make sure you are getting your 1 hour daily exercise outside. Go for a walk with your family or take your dog out for a walk. You can make a tik tok video with your family or play in the garden.
  3. TAKE NOTICE Now that you are only going out for one hour, look at your surroundings. Take notice of the area you live in. Notice the beautiful flowers and trees. Listen to the birds singing loudly without the noise of traffic. Breath in the fresh air.
  4. KEEP LEARNING Read a book, research a topic of interest. Watch a documentary.
  5. GIVE something back to your family. Make a drink, a meal or tidy up without being asked.

We can all benefit from a positive mindset at this difficult time.

#StaySafe #Stayathome