Students from King’s Hawthornes raise funds for Girl Guides and Sea Cadets
June 4, 2019
Year 11 Say Farewell to King’s Hawthornes
June 30, 2019

Citizenship is a concept that goes back to the beginning of societies. A few weeks ago, four staff took a mini-bus of students to Crosby Beach as part of Sefton Volunteering Week to help clean up the beach. The students learnt a powerful lesson in what it means to show respect for the environment and respect for each other. Apparently, litter picking has royal approval. Prince Charles used to do it with his boys.

The act of modelling our Aspire values to students is the most powerful tool we have as adults working with young people. We do it in every transaction we have in school (and sometimes on Crosby Beach). Well done team KLAH!