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July 8, 2021
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May 23, 2022

King’s Hawthornes Royal Marine Cadet Force Take Part in the Pringle Trophy Competition

King’s Hawthornes Royal Marine Cadet Force made history this month taking part in the prestigious Pringle Trophy competition. 

The Pringle Trophy is the annual military skills and leadership competition between Royal Marine CCF detachments from schools located throughout the UK. It is held in honour of Lieutenant General Sir Steuart Pringle, a former Commandant General of the Royal Marines. The Royal Marines determine the event to be an arduous competition conducted in the spirit of the Commando forces.  Richard and the team have been preparing students for the event during enrichment and the students who attended can attest to its arduousness! 

The competition was demanding both mentally and physically and required a high level of skill in order to complete the various stances. Having arrived on Friday evening at Lympstone (Head Royal Marines Commando training base in UK), the team  began preparations for the gruelling challenges that lay ahead.  The competition was formed around 12 stances testing Cadets capabilities including the cohesiveness of the section, the cadets’ knowledge and understanding of military skills and levels of fitness and endurance. 

Completion of the Royal Marine endurance course is no mean feat.  The challenging terrain, along with underwater tunnels, ice-cold rivers and gravel-filled dark tubes (a claustrophobe’s nightmare), makes the completion of the course an achievement in itself.  The effort from the students was acknowledged not only by Commandos overseeing the stances but in conversation at the closing ceremony by Royal Marine Brigadier Ged Salzano.

Ged was in the military for 30 years and is now Head of Talent and Development at Barclays in London.  He is also a former St Wilfrid’s student and Evertonian, for his sins.  He was delighted to see students from his hometown competing against schools such as Harrow and King’s Taunton. 

Highlights were plentiful.  Simona conquered the endurance course with great grit and endeavour.  Ryan’s penchant for stalking the enemy was unparalleled.  Ellis was in his stretch zone when tackling the underwater tunnels.  Isabelle’s quiet and reflective leadership was noted upon.  There were many, many more.  The camaraderie, resilience and leadership displayed by our students can be seen in the Video.

We look forward to training hard again for the next competition in October.