King’s Hawthornes students take part in Duke of Edinburgh
May 23, 2022

Taking inspiration from the Social Commentary Artwork of contemporary artist Grayson Perry and vintage travelling suitcases, students at King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes chose to research and review their families’ heritage, culture or country of origin. Some discovered tragedy with the historic enslavement and displacement of people; others identified those who stood up for humanity.

Deciding not to shy away from the effects of racism or difficult conversations around this topic students actively engaged with The World Reimagined Globe project. Acknowledging we, unfortunately, don’t live in a perfect utopia the globe produced by the students at King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes has already become an artefact of hope, for open and honest discussion and a vehicle for continued education in the search for racial justice and equality when it returns for permanent display back at the school.

In assembly, students saw the unveiling of a unique piece of installation art, devised and crafted in our school. This term has seen a large group of students come together to explore the issues of culture, history, race and justice through the medium of the creative process.

What a celebration of who we are as a school, the places we came from and the aspirations of where we might get to.

From August to October 2022 Globe sculptures created by artists and schools will be exhibited

in 7 cities across the UK. You can learn more about our globe by visiting The World Reimagined website once the trails go live on the 13th of August and find out where it will be located along with other globes across the city.