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My aspiration is to become a Nuclear Physicist because Science fascinates me and the chance to study what makes up the universe is crucial to the survival of our planet.

After school and during lunchtimes I am proud to be part of the school Computing Club where I enjoy designing, developing and coding my own AAA role-playing games, using Unreal Engine 4, the software that is used in the professional game industry. Using my knowledge of mathematics, physics and computing studies, I have created lifelike terrains and characters that can interact with them.

At King’s Hawthornes I am a cadet in the RMCCF which is a great opportunity to build character and a chance to be a leader. Even though I only joined in September, I have already participated in a residential at Altcar where we studied field craft. We learned a lot about how to survive in the field and how to work effectively within a team. Two of the Year 10’s and a Year 9 student attended a RMCCF Summer Camp where they took part in a wide range of activities over a week. They started at Lympstone Commando Centre (CTCRM) where they then made their way to Dartmoor before heading to the Naval training base – HMS Raleigh. Here at King’s, we are very lucky to be a part of RMCCF as we are one of only five schools in the country with Royal Marine involvement.