King’s Hawthornes Celebrates at the Presentation Evening
December 4, 2019
King’s Hawthornes Opens Its Doors for Christmas Bake Off
January 7, 2020

Next week our King’s Hawthornes school choir will join forces with local primary schools when they perform their Christmas show, Beauty and the Beast.  Children from Lander Road Primary School, Thomas Gray Primary School, St Philips C of E Primary School and Linacre Primary School have joined forces to sing ‘Be Our Guest’ in the eagerly awaited production.

Children from Year 4 to Year 6 have attended weekly choir workshops learning a range of skills such as how to maintain vocal health and how to sing harmonies.  It is hoped that these workshops led by Vicky Hambleton will inspire the young singers to continue when they attend secondary school. 

The King’s Hawthornes performance of Beauty and the Beast is on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December starting from 7pm.  Book your tickets at Reception.