King’s Hawthornes at CSI STEM Challenge Day
April 2, 2019
Students at King’s Hawthornes get creative
April 25, 2019

This week we catch up with Mr Kilroy, PE Teacher at King’s Hawthornes, and discover more about his career flightpath and what inspires him.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been donning shorts all year round since 2012 when I began my teaching career in far flung Swindon. I have been at King’s Hawthornes since September 2015.

Did you have a flight path?

Yes.  To continue the aeronautical theme there was turbulence at times; the path was not always clear and linear.  Having the destination in mind was important.  I understood my why early on. Looking back, I am proud of the foresight I had aged 15.

 What inspires you?

Positive and meaningful human interactions.  All the better if they are humorous, too.

What extra curriculum activities do you do?

If it can be kicked, thrown, lifted, or played with a slight flick of the wrist to change the trajectory of it, I have done it.  My favourite extra curricular activity? Cross Country running.

What is your greatest achievement?

Buying a house.  Closely followed by buying my first Everton FC season ticket.  These were part of my ‘why’ as a 15 year old.  On reflection they are potentially quite materialistic.  Therefore I will also add completing my first triathlon.  I have bettered my time in subsequent triathlons but getting out of my comfort zone and completing the first one is a greater achievement.

What is your favourite part of the King’s day?

CPD (Continued Professional Development).  I get to hear of the triumphs from other teachers in other subjects; it gives me an insight into the experiences of our students away from my subject area of PE.  It is re-affirming, too.  I work alongside dedicated, passionate and interested people.

What have you learned at King’s?

That I am part of a bigger picture.  I have come to understand that what we do as teachers and how we do it will have an impact on society today, tomorrow and in 10 years time (ad infinitum if you are feeling particularly optimistic).