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July 15, 2014
Quilt Making
September 4, 2014

National Science and Engineering Week

On the 17th March, National Science and Engineering Week came to The Hawthorne’s in the form of CSI (crime scene investigation). To kick start the week, key stage 3 pupils and staff alike, got dressed in their forensic suits ready to investigate the scene to determine the crime that had been committed. As the week continued, pupils developed techniques such as analysing blood splatter, chromatography and carrying out fingerprinting to get a feel for how evidence is collected and examined when investigating a crime. PC Greg joined each of the key stage 3 classes to show how prints are uncovered at a crime scene, how the fingerprints of suspects are collected by the police and how the patterns in fingerprints are matched up electronically.

DSCN0030All pupils were professional in their roles as crime scene investigators and carried out the tasks of the week with extreme enthusiasm and skill. Several pupils were identified as excelling in their roles; these pupils being Kaitlin McGiveron, Laura Snow and Jessica Webster from Year 7, Jessica Chisam and Anjesa Hakija from year 8 and Eryn Roberts, Kyle Evason, Miriam Machado and Jessica Corcoran from year 9. Well done to these pupils and all those that took part. Hopefully, some pupils are thinking of potential careers in Forensics Science in the future, to put their new skills to good use.


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