King’s Hawthornes Visit The Giants!
October 10, 2018
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October 25, 2018

Our debate club had the superb opportunity to spend the afternoon with world renowned barristers last Wednesday, after attending a workshop with the Young Citizens organisation.

Hosted at John Moore’s University, our pupils joined with a select few schools from around the city and had the treat of learning about what is means to actually be a barrister and were given guidance to help them aspire to this in terms of flight paths along with some in house ‘tricks of the trade’ from the experts!

The main task of the day was a mock trial and what a success it was! Pupils were given a fictional criminal case and split into different groups in terms of schools and age groups, with all pupils being assigned a specific role under the watch of a professional mentor.
Inference, advocacy, analysis and team work were in abundance and the adrenaline from all involved was clear!

After pupils completed the mock trial, a QC Silk then issued pupils constrictive feedback. We are proud to say pupils from our school (who were the youngest in attendance) went up against year 13 pupils and were praised significantly for their maturity, endeavour and success during the trial.
It’s safe to say, our pupils left the workshop feeling inspired and motivated with some finding a new love for the law.