#LockdownMonologue Judge Announced
May 11, 2020
Lockdown Monologue Winners Interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside
May 18, 2020

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce Ruby O’Neill in Year 9 as the winner of the King’s Hawthornes Lockdown Monologues!  It was a tough decision for the judges with all entrants doing exceptionally well, demonstrating their fantastic creative writing skills and providing beautiful performances.  However Ruby touched the hearts of all the judges with her emotive monologue winning the £25 voucher for Liverpool One. 

Both staff and pupils got involved in the competition using their creative writing and performing arts skills to create heart-felt monologues depicting their feelings and experiences in lockdown.  The video and audio performances received a huge amount of positive engagement within the King’s Hawthornes community raising spirits at this strange time.  The judges commended staff on the level of participation and noted how important their engagement with the competition had been in inspiring our students to take part. 

Introducing our Judges

We have had a fantastic team of judges: Kath Thompson who works for Liverpool Learning Partnership, Alice Demba, Cultural Education Manager with Curious Minds, as well as Sophie Williams and Kate Morris, part of the NOW Festival team.  The judges took time to consider all the staff and pupil entries and have provided useful feedback to our students.

Read on to see the monologues and for feedback from the judges:

WINNER – Ruby O’Neill Year 9

Ruby O’Neill Year 9

You have expertly weighed up the positive and negative aspects of the lockdown situation.  The judges felt they could really relate to you looking out of the window at nothing.  They particularly liked the line ‘just my reflection staring back at me’ which creates such a powerful image of isolation.  There was anger at the beginning which is delivered confidently.  The use of rhythm and rhyme helps to convey your message.

Throughout the monologue there is a deep struggle between pessimism and optimism but the optimism wins.  You notice the good in others and the efforts of Captain Tom, and the listener is left feeling uplifted and hopeful.  You were able to connect with the listener using frank honesty and captured beautifully the eeriness of the lockdown, the rainbow of emotions many of us can identify with and that spark of resilience and positivity that binds us as a community.

Feedack to Ruby from Kath Thompson

Kinga Frackowiak Year 10

This monologue ticked all the boxes for the judges.   We loved the phrase ‘I feel like doing everything and nothing at the same time’ and the idea of ‘the enemy’.  Your language and imagery was really imaginative; the way you elude to inequality, loneliness, the way you express your words is very emotive.  Your use of tone and the choice of language and honest delivery created a compelling atmosphere and really made an impact on the listener.

The timing and use of pauses in your delivery enhanced the atmosphere and taking the listener back inside ‘your own four walls’ was a fabulous ending.

Catrin Garner Year 8

Catrin Garner Year 8

The judges loved the ‘week whatever’ opening and found this monologue funny and emotional.  You paint a clear picture of your personal routine and the importance of the choir rehearsal in your life.  You use rhyme and irony beautifully and create a lovely connection with the audience through the camera.  The humour makes you relatable and uplifts the listener yet you are able to convey the challenge and hardship of lockdown effectively.  Throughout your monologue you balance the high and lows of lockdown well leaving the listener positive.

Chloe Lucas Year 9

This monologue is challenging and caring; it expresses anger and gratitude equally. There is a lovely rhyme and rhythm woven throughout and the judges were able to visualize you in your room observing people outside, breaking the rules.

Your monologue covers many headline issues and community concerns along with capturing the joy and community spirit that is holds us together in this challenging time. Your monologue delivers a good message of patience, strength, kindness and consideration.

Faye Holliday Year 8

This was a lovely, uplifting monologue which focused on the ways to connect despite us needing to stay apart – extremely refreshing and uplifting.  You performed with enthusiasm and conviction which was compelling for the listener.  Through your upbeat and positive message you inspire the listener to stay in good spirits.

Repetition is used well to emphasise the strangeness of the lockdown and your confident delivery and great presence on the camera draws the listener in. This monologue is a little ray of sunshine spreading the positivity and resilience needed to tackle the Corona virus!

Staff WINNER – Mr Weaver

The competition in the staff category was extremely tough but Mr Weaver was the clear winner! Well done!

Well done to everyone who entered from the staff and pupils!