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November 9, 2020
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January 21, 2021

We are running a school geography competition!

Although we might all be confined to our homes, and doing #geographyathome, we are asking young people to explore their wider geographical horizons by providing entries to our Young Geographer of the Year competition.

To enter you need to produce an A3 size poster with the title ‘The World Behind My Window’

This can be handmade (then sent electronically via a scanned copy or photograph) or using PowerPoint/word etc.

Submit your entry to Miss Spinks by Monday 14th December.

Entries will be judged and a prize given to the winner by Wednesday 16th December.

What You Need To Do

Your poster should focus on the geography of places that exist beyond your window, whether it’s a local place and/or somewhere around the world.

Some ideas:

  • How have human/physical geography created these places?
  • How might these places change in the future?
  • Why are these places important?
  • How is your life connected to these places?
  • How is your life influenced by these places?

Good luck everyone!