Cadet Sergeant Leo Robinson Appointed First Sea Lord Cadet
January 21, 2021
Airing Our Happy Thoughts
February 8, 2021
Online Inauguration

Year 11 pupil at King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes, Leo Robinson, who was recently appointed as First Sea Lord Cadet (FSLC) 2021, making him one of the top Royal Marine Cadets in the country, attended his inauguration ceremony last week. The First Sea Lord’s Cadets (1SL Cadets) Investiture Ceremony 2021 took place virtually via Zoom on Friday for the inauguration as 1SL Cadets for 2021. This event marked the handover of the 2020 1SL Cadets to the 2021 1SL Cadets. The new 1SL Cadets took up their appointments on 1 Jan 21.  The ceremony was hosted by the ceremony was “hosted” by Commander Gavin R MacDougall RN, Cadets & Youth Team Leader.  Also in attendance were First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin CB ADC and Warrant Officer 1 Carl ‘Speedy’ Steedman, Warrant Officer to the Royal Navy.

The principal aim of the appointment of the 1SL Cadets is to raise the profile of the Royal Navy Cadet Force community through exposure of a top-quality cadet to professional bodies and social contacts that deal with Navy Board Members and other high-ranking Royal Navy Officers. The appointment offers 1SL Cadets a privileged insight into the higher echelons of the Royal Navy.

1SL Cadets are approved and agreed within each of the Royal Navy Cadet Forces’ Headquarters, (Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), the Volunteer Cadet Corps RN – RM (VCC RN-RM)) and the Combined Cadet Force RN – RM (CCF RN-RM). The 1SL Cadets are appointed from 1 Jan to 31 Dec each year with each cadet no older than 17 years on appointment to ensure they can serve for a whole year. The 1SL Cadets are expected to remain within their parent Royal Navy Cadet Force for the duration of the appointment. He/she must be of senior Leading Cadet/Corporal or Petty Officer/Sergeant Cadet rank.

During their tenure, they have exposure to Navy Board members, Trustees of parent Cadet organisation, organise and build area forums and provide feedback to their respective Headquarters. They attend formal parades, ship visits, Royal Occasions, Opening Ceremonies, Presentations and Awards and Receptions.

We are exceptionally proud of Leo and would like to congratulate him and his family.