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We believe that success is not pre-determined in life: success comes from the forming of great habits, which create the strength of character vital for success in the modern world.

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We are a non-selective state school serving children primarily across the Northwest of England.

Students participate in enrichment programme


Students follow the EBacc curriculum


Students receive a free chrome book


Students in Year 7 & 8 go on an annual residential

AspirationBianka Horvath, Year 8

To me, aspiration means being inspired by the people around me and my future and making my dreams come true. It means being able to set higher goals and trying my best to achieve them every step of the way.
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AchievementRuby O’Neill, Year 11

To me, achievement is all about looking back and being proud of the effort, skill and courage used in the pursuit of whatever goals you set for yourself. It is important to look back and reflect on our past achievements as it helps us grow. At the end of Year 11, I see the person I have become and I am proud of my achievements in and out of school.
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Self-awarenessTaylor Smith, Year 10

What is self-awareness? Well, to me self-awareness is being vigilant of your own positive and negative actions and behaviours - always thinking about how they can impact those around you.
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ProfessionalismJosh Edekere, Year 11

I view professionalism as acting calm, having manners and being mature in the public face or even at home. I view professionalism as showing respect to everyone you meet, everyone you like and even the people you don’t like - it often means rising above your differences and focusing on your work.
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IntegrityEduardo Asandoaie, Year 7

Integrity is honesty. It is being true to yourself and making the right decision when you are being judged and even when you are not. Integrity is not just in your head but in your heart as well - we come to school to thrive in learning but it is important not to forget who we are, why we are here and what is important to us. That is integrity.
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EndeavourJake Monday, Year 8

Endeavour is essential. It is used to chase the goals you're aiming for. Endeavour is something that helps you with your future and helps you to find who you deserve to be and what it takes to get there. It is hard work.
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