Taylor Smith, Year 10


What is self-awareness? Well, to me self-awareness is being vigilant of your own positive and negative actions and behaviours - always thinking about how they can impact those around you.

Self-awareness helps me throughout school: when I am walking around from lesson to lesson when I am contributing to lessons and even when I am doing something as trivial as waiting in the dinner queue. It’s often not something you think about, it becomes part of you and who you are. I use self-awareness when I am out with friends and attending cadets outside of school - it’s universal.

In the future I know I will use this value a lot when I start college and university and will be around new people. As I have hopes of one day becoming an English teacher, modelling self-awareness and each one of our values will be important for both myself and pupils; I want to be the type of teacher who can lead by example.