Josh Edekere, Year 11


I view professionalism as acting calm, having manners and being mature in the public face or even at home. I view professionalism as showing respect to everyone you meet, everyone you like and even the people you don’t like - it often means rising above your differences and focusing on your work.

Our school community and deep-rooted values help to develop our professionalism from day one in year 7 to year 11. Every day we act and dress professionally; we walk through the corridors with respect, and we enter our lessons prepared. Any challenge we face is made so much easier with these high standards and expectations we hold.

Personally, professionalism has helped me by preparing me for life outside of school - attending appointments and interviews with punctuality and preparedness is something that comes naturally when you take genuine pride in your work at school.

I would like to finish my studies and pursue a career in physiotherapy and sports science.  Professionalism will help me in college and every other step of the way because I will have to work independently and maintain the same high standards expected in school.