Ruby O’Neill, Year 11


To me, achievement is all about looking back and being proud of the effort, skill and courage used in the pursuit of whatever goals you set for yourself. It is important to look back and reflect on our past achievements as it helps us grow. At the end of Year 11, I see the person I have become and I am proud of my achievements in and out of school - yet there is also a sense of excitement for the future.

I have attended judo classes since I was 5; in competitions sometimes only having that one chance to prove yourself is extremely mentally challenging, however, this makes each success and achievement even better. That moment of standing on the podium - gold, silver or bronze - that feeling is something so special that it stays with you forever. Achievement, along with all of the school’s values, is what keeps up my competitive spirit not only identifying but improving on weaknesses and building towards success.

Looking to the future, I would love to pursue a career in physiotherapy but my greatest ambition in life is to compete in judo competitions around the world: a European Championship or maybe even the Olympics. Having an achievement to look back on when I am older and unable to compete would not only make me proud but would also be a way to inspire younger generations to dream big and not hold back despite what other people may think.