Eduardo Asandoaie, Year 7


Integrity is honesty. It is being true to yourself and making the right decision when you are being judged and even when you are not. Integrity is not just in your head but in your heart as well - we come to school to thrive in learning but it is important not to forget who we are, why we are here and what is important to us. That is integrity

Integrity is needed in school and throughout life; if you make a mistake, instead of lying about it, owning up to it is always the best option. It can save you and other people from a lot of trouble and it’s the right thing to do.

In my heart, integrity and honesty are very important to me. If I have ever missed out on work or feel like I haven’t done my best, I hold my hands up and tell the truth. In the end, it is always the best option - the best outcome.

In my future career, integrity will always be just as important as it is in school now; I want to work in the restaurant industry, I would love to own my own restaurant and I know integrity will help me along the way. I want my restaurant to be a wonderful place of happiness and delight where everyone, both the staff and the customers, can relax in a welcoming atmosphere fueled by integrity.