Brathay - April 2022


Learning to pilot a canoe or a kayak (or any boat for that matter) in Wales in the middle of March probably sends a few shivers down a few spines. However, the optimism, endeavour and sheer drive displayed by our Year 8 and Year 9 students on their residential trip has been applauded by peers and teachers alike since their triumphant return.

Representing their school for three days, they overcame every obstacle in their way (ranging from mild traffic to literal obstacle courses). For many of our students, this was their first time away from home alone - a chance to build character and develop their independence. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, there was also: rock-climbing, bushcraft, a myriad of marine activities and zip-lining.

Speaking of zip-lining, Connor in Year 8 found it hard to choose between that and the climbing wall as his favourite part. He said: “It was a challenge and it was hard to do but I was able to overcome my fears. I learned that if you focus more, you can get things done. We can get more out of our lessons if we show endeavour.”

He added: “I’m glad I went because I got to do loads of activities that I couldn’t do at home.”

His classmate Suliman agreed: “I’m glad I went because I did get to do things I’d never have tried. I tried things even though they were hard and that works for every lesson - we have to try to get experience and achievement.”

From Year 9, Sophie said: “My favourite part was the canoeing. It was a fun activity and we all worked together.” When asked what one thing she’d learned from the whole trip was, she responded: “If you need help, don’t be embarrassed, ask for it.

“I had to overcome staying out and staying away from my family. It helped me with my fears and now during the summer I’ll have more time to have fun with my friends.”