King’s Hawthornes Take Part in ‘Challenge Merseyside’
September 19, 2019
Students at King’s Hawthornes Share their Cadet Experience
October 1, 2019

The Biannual Inspection for the Combined Cadet Force took place this summer at Altcar in Formby.  This cross-trust event saw the cadets from King’s Liverpool, King’s Warrington and King’s Hawthorne’s come together to be inspected by Lieutenant Colonel Matt Churchward, Commanding Officer Royal Marines Reserve Merseyside.

Traditionally only offered within the private school sector, King’s Hawthornes is one of the few free schools in the North West that offers its students the opportunity to become part of the Royal Marine family.  With the chance to learn a range of new skills and experience life in the Royal Marines, the King’s Hawthornes CCF has flourished since it started two years ago.  Research shows that participation in Cadet Forces activities enhances a child’s self belief and wellbeing and positively affects school attendance, behaviour and attitude.*

At this year’s inspection, Lieutenant Colonel Matt Churchward chatted to each of the students about their future aspirations and then the cadets took part in a range of activities including fieldcraft, camouflage and concealment, shelter building and other demonstrations.  Older cadets demonstrated their leadership skills looking after their troops of younger cadets.

Warren Caulfield from King’s Hawthornes was promoted at the event based on merit and dedication to the CCF.  When asked about how he felt about his promotion, Warren said, ‘I feel I deserve it and the others who were promoted did too.  To get to the next rank I have to be strict and take the lead, help the younger cadets.’ 

The development of these strong leadership skills are a fundamental part of the CCF programme at King’s Hawthornes and across the Great Schools Trust, providing students with vital life skills that will be transferable into their future education and careers.  For more information on the King’s Hawthornes CCF and to experience what makes our school unique book a tour on 0151 922 3798.


*University of Northampton (2018) What is the social impact resulting from the expenditure on the Cadet Forces?, [Online]. Available at (Accessed 01 September 2019).