World Book Day – Staff at King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes Talk About Books
March 7, 2019
Year 7 Experience Life at University
March 18, 2019

Many thanks to the staff at King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes on Thursday for their willingness to walk around school (and teach!) with top hats, roses, medical bags and a variety of other props/items of costume, even half a loaf of bread!

Of course it was all part of World Book Day, and our competition to match the’ literary pairs’. The students were agog all day and could be seen in between each lesson asking ‘Who are you Sir?’ or peeking through classroom windows to see who ‘Miss’ was and then frantically filling in their competition sheets. 

A £10.00 book voucher was awarded to the first student in each year group to match the staff to their literary partner and hand their sheet to Mrs. Mullany – the proud winners can be seen below.

Special mentions must go to our very own Miss Trunchbull aka Mrs. Spencer and the dashing Mr. Darcy aka Mr. Conlin!

Miss Trunchbull aka Mrs. Spencer

Until next year – keep reading!!!!