King’s Hawthornes Cadets Attend Nesscliff Training Camp
November 14, 2019
King’s Hawthornes recognised in DfE Publication on Character Education
November 20, 2019
Young Leaders at KS1 Athletics Competition

King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes is a values-led school that believes in developing students with strong character and impressive leadership skills.  Throughout the South Sefton area the Young Leaders programme at King’s Hawthornes continues to build a group of students who help to support a range of primary school and community events whilst developing invaluable life skills such as professionalism, leadership and respect.

The Young Leaders contribute regularly in the school games provided throughout the borough by South Sefton School Partnership.  These young role models from King’s Hawthornes support staff and primary school children by taking on a variety of leadership roles including coaching, officiating and refereeing multi-sport activities.

Alison Watt, Sefton School Games Organiser, commented, ‘The Young Leaders are brilliant and we couldn’t run these events without them.  The students develop a range of skills and become great at improvising and adapting to the primary children’s abilities.  They are tremendously empathic and inclusive.’

Michael Metcalfe, Aspire Sports Lead, continued, ‘The Young Leaders are fantastic role models for primary school children and their peers.  They learn skills that support our ASPIRE values such as integrity, professionalism and achievement which will stand them in good stead for higher education and working life.’

Over the past few weeks Young Leaders have supported a Rugby World Cup event and a KS1 Athletics Competition in addition to non-sports related activities such as the Roald Dahl Primary events with children from Springwell, Linacre, St Phillips, Thomas Gray and more.

If you would like to learn more about the approach of King’s Hawthornes to character and leadership education contact us on 0151 922 3798 for a school tour.