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My aspiration is to represent Great Britain in the Olympics. My favourite lessons are Leadership and PE. I am thrilled when I return from athletics competitions if I have helped King’s Hawthornes team to do well and to represent my country would be a dream come true.

I enjoy Leadership because it offers us opportunities to develop our lateral thinking skills and character by working with and leading primary school children through their transitional phase.

This year I have completed over 30 hours of leadership from assisting at Santa Dashes and Sports Days to leading the Induction Days. Through Leadership, I have also developed a very strong sense of self-awareness and I am able to work as part of a team. Both of these skills will help me in the future.

I feel that the curriculum at King’s is very different to others schools as the focus is on developing academic traits alongside character and leadership. We have a number of residentials focussing on resilience, problem solving and leadership. I have already enjoyed taking advantage of Brathay’s beautiful, physical surroundings to challenge and inspire me.