Online Daily Lessons for Students
April 20, 2020
Competition: Take Part in the King’s Hawthornes Lockdown Monologues!
April 23, 2020

The British Red Cross have launched a downloadable kindness calendar to help 5 to 18-year-olds practice kindness every day during the coronavirus emergency. 

Here are four activities to help our students populate their kindness calendar:

Spend time together – could you spend more time together as a family? Perhaps play a game or cook a family meal?

Stay in touch. Get in touch with other members of your class or wider family. Ask them what they are finding most difficult about lockdown? What are they enjoying? What are they looking forward to when this is over? Could you help tackle what they are finding difficult?

Keep active – helps to lift the mood and bring energy. Could you help your family to learn a new skill, like dancing?

Time to reflect – look back at the week and your kind acts. What are you proud of?