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March 15, 2021
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May 28, 2021

Dear parents, carers and students,

I’d like to ask your help on a personal project of mine. When I was at school, my particular passion was sport, and football particularly. I lived for it. I was lucky that I was given the chance to play and the support to enjoy physical activity to the full, both in school and beyond. It’s something that has stayed with me for life.

This year, we have had to change how we do PE at school. Students, due to Covid 19, as you know, now wear their PE kit both to and from school. The effect of this has been that students enjoy significantly more time in practical activity of the lesson. Research indicates that fitter, healthier students enjoy better mental health and learn better in the classroom. We’d like to build on this. This is powerful stuff.

We have been looking as a school, in partnership with The Great Schools Trust, as to how we can enhance the experience of our students in terms of their PE uniform. We want to provide the best clothing and most comfortable of experiences to enhance learning all year round. I am also aware that PE kit and uniform in general is not cheap. Therefore, we have started a fundraising campaign with the aim of being able to subsidise – or pay in full – for a free outdoor PE kit of track-suit trousers and hoodie for every student in our school in school colours. I think it is a fitting way of celebrating the achievements and professionalism of our young people and thanking them for their incredible patience during these challenging times.

Therefore, to kick things off on the last day before May half term, I am attempting the One Hundred Press Up Challenge in a hundred seconds, as I mentioned in the previous newsletter in April. So far, we have raised £2,580 to go towards the PE Uni-form fund. A massive thank you to everybody who has donated so far.

Donations can be made at https://gofund.me/0b9ecbba If anyone knows of any businesses or companies who would be willing to sponsor me, all donations will be very gratefully accepted. In June, a number of students are beginning their own fundraising events on the theme of one hundred in aid of the fund.

I will keep you informed of the running total and the state of my creaking elbows and aching shoulders.
Wish me luck,
Mr Gaul