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September 25, 2019
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October 23, 2019

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at King’s Hawthornes has had an action-packed year so far and since its inception in 2017 has grown from strength to strength.  Children with a wide range of backgrounds and aspirations make up the Cadets who come together on a weekly basis to learn new skills such as drills, fieldcraft and weaponry. 

Meghan with fellow cadets and Lt Col Churchward on a visit to HMS Eaglet as CCF leaders.
Warren with arctic explorer Captain Lou Rudd

Two of the school’s most passionate recruits are Meghan Noone and Warren Caulfield who joined the CCF in Year 8 and over the past two years have embraced the Royal Marines and all it has to offer.

When asked what attracted the students to the CCF both said they were keen to try something new and welcomed the CCF approach of direct instruction.

 Meghan thrived on the Physical Training and mapping, enjoying going out and exploring on field trips.  Warren excelled at drills and weaponry and was amazed at the level of training provided.

Meghan commented, ‘The field trips are definitely the best days!  You really get in the zone and the Royal Marine mode.  You feel part of a family and the trainers focus on each person individually building your skills.’

When asked how they felt their new skills would help them in the ‘real’ world Warren said, ‘It helps you to interact with others and build confidence.  You also learn useful skills like first aid.    Meghan added, ‘You’re more able to succeed in tasks; I know I need to plan to succeed.  I’ve developed leadership skills from it.  I’m good at leading a team and that will look good on my CV.’

One of the cadets’ highlights was to be selected to attend an evening at HMS Eaglet.  ‘There were inspiring people from the Royal Marines, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.  We were there representing the CCF in schools but we felt part of a much bigger family.’

For more information on the King’s Hawthornes CCF and to experience what makes our school unique book a tour on 0151 922 3798.