December 4, 2013
After School Clubs
January 17, 2014

The Hawthorne’s Shotokan Karate Club meets every Thursday after school. It is free to join. Regular gradings and opportunities to enter competitions are given.

We are lucky and privileged enough to have Jim Brennan 7th Dan (Seventh level of black belt) of the Karate Union of Great Britain as our instructor for these training sessions. Sensei Brennan ensures that all of the year 7 pupils, boys and girls alike have an opportunity to train in both spirit and safety, whether they were already experienced martial artists or complete novices.

What is Shotokan Karate?

There are several fundamental styles of Karate. Shotokan is a style of karate which emphasises a balanced development of all these aspects, taught within a system which instils confidence and self-control. The Shotokan style was originated by an Okinawan teacher of physical education, Funakoshi Gichin, who introduced it to Japan in 1922, where it was developed extensively by the Japanese Master, Masatoshi Nakayama. Because of this development there have been relatively few changes since then, and Shotokan has spread to become the most widely practised style of Karate throughout the World.

Is Karate Good For Children?

Karate is an exciting activity that is practised by tens of thousands of children throughout Great Britain. The training methods are ideal for children’s lifestyles and needs.

The promotion of good health is second to none. Its vigorous training methods give an intense all round workout developing fitness, strength and suppleness.

Its structured training system creates self-discipline, improving behaviour in many other aspects of their lives.

Its ‘sparring’ methods and practise dramatically improve reactions and greatly increase the ability of a child to block attacks and defend themselves.

The positive value of karate in now recognised by the education authorities and children can now use karate as part of the GCSE and A level in Physical Education.

Karate is also an exciting sport and the KUGB holds numerous championships for children throughout the country.