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Our Design & Technology department aims to deliver a broad subject curriculum that allows the students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed in life.  Students are encouraged to explore how design has influenced the world in which they live and how it can continue to solve problems and take advantage of technological opportunities. Our department believes that students learn best by ‘doing’ and encourages a practical approach to the subject in which students are encouraged to use a wide range of materials and processes to develop their concepts. 


This ambitious curriculum has been designed to be accessible to all students including those with SEND and has been carefully sequenced, allowing all students to learn, develop and master their skills over the course of Key Stage 3. This enables them to make clear and informed decisions regarding their option choices for further study within our school and beyond. A key principle in our teaching is embracing design risks and acknowledging mistakes as key points in the progress to mastery. One of our aims is to develop a confidence within the students and encourage them to become independent thinkers.


The department prides itself on using the latest technology including computer modelling and digital editing software and has a variety of computer aided manufacturing machines such as a laser cutter and 3d Printers. Whilst we embrace the future of design we also honour traditional aspects of design, making relevant connections to past Art & Design movements and learning craftsperson skills and techniques.



The King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes Design & Technology curriculum has been developed to ensure that all pupils:

  • Design and manufacture a range of products whilst experimenting with a range of materials and techniques.

  • Become independent thinkers who have the confidence to take design risks and embrace mistakes within their design journeys.

  • Develop analytical and evaluative skills through practical ‘hands on’ projects.

  • Learn how design influences the world around us and can be used as a force for change.

Key stage 3 curriculum overview

For each curriculum overview, additional documentation is available upon request. This documentation outlines more precisely the exact subject knowledge that your child must know and remember. These documents also include the types of teaching activities that subject staff have chosen to help your son/daughter learn the curriculum here at King’s Leadership Academy Hawthornes.


In order to check how well our pupils are learning the curriculum, teachers use a full range of assessment techniques. These include diagnostic questions to reveal your child’s design and technology preconceptions and common misunderstandings, questioning and end of topic/learning cycle assessments.