Joel Bartlett, Year 9


Respect is a virtue. Respect must be earned and given to those around you and who you care for. It is something that cannot be defined with mere words. It is a colossal part of one's integrity and way of being, however, it can be shown through the small gestures of a warm smile, to sometimes wear your heart on your sleeve.

It is a matter of great importance that we understand that respect cannot just be shown to your peers, it must be shown to your environment, you must respect the values and religions of others - even if they do not align with yours. It is not only a way of thinking, it is a way of life. A moral carried for centuries since ancient times.

Respect is what you show to your mother, father, brother, sister and all of your relatives. You show it to your friends, your allies, and even the people unknown to you. Respect is shown to all - even the most marginalised in society - respect is the love; the care; the acknowledgement of one’s survival and pride and achievements as a whole. It is the way of living, and life itself. Respect, along with forgiveness, is mankind's overwhelming weapon against the scary, scandalous and senseless crimes committed upon man. I hope that one day, little me in this overwhelmingly colossal world will be able to make a change, and use my hopes and dreams to be a lawyer to respect my clients, colleagues and the world.