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Attendance and Punctuality

In order to succeed and achieve their full potential, a student must be present in the classroom. We expect the highest standards of attendance and punctuality and are always happy to support families in ensuring the best attendance for our pupils. Research evidence and national statistics link good attendance to the achievement of academic and social potential. Attendance and punctuality also help to develop friendships, team values, career pathways and good life skills.

We encourage all students to work towards 100% attendance and set a minimum attendance target of 97% per year (equivalent to the top quartile of all English secondary schools). This permits 5 days of absence within one academic year. Excellent attendance is celebrated and recognised at the end of each term at our awards assembly. Students who do not meet our 97% target may be required to complete Summer School to ensure that their academics do not fall behind.

In line with national guidelines and rules, we do not permit students to take exceptional leave during term time as this has a very negative impact on their learning. 

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